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We Are Celebrating Our Anniversary

Hey Lovelies,

It's been a while since our last blog, we've been working behind the scenes on a few projects.

So, let's fill you in, our feature for the year on ABC4 (UTAH) on this year's Mother's Day Must Haves, the segment showcased some of our top selling products viewers had the opportunity to purchase our products for that leading lady in their life "MOM". Our next stop...we've gotten our very first digital BILLBOARD right here in FLORIDA (Turnpike: Commercial and 441) excited that this is the first on many Billboards coming. Just screaming "AMAZING"... For the next couple of months, we are currently getting ready for this year's Pre-Emmys Gift Lounge and giving our lovely subscribers and customers the first sneak peek behind the scenes leading up to the event. Our lovely subscribers would have the opportunity to see our new packaging for this year and what each nominee would be receiving at the event.

The moment we are all waiting for our very first Anniversary event and everyone is invited. Get the opportunity to meet the founder of this amazing brand and her journey. Also, on the list of this breathtaking event each invitee would get the opportunity to see our full skincare and cosmetic collecting and the launching of the New Eyeshadow Palette. For updates on this event subscribe or become a member to our website. We can't wait to meet each one of you and to thank you for your continuous support. We have so much more to share with you, but you'll just have to stay posted to see what's happening next.

Love each and every one of you and remember, "Love the Skin you are in". Peace, Love and most of all Happiness have a great weekend everyone and be safe.

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