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Remember growing up and you would sneak into your mother's room and play dress up with either your sibling or your imaginary friend. Yep those were the days and the making of a great make up artist. We would paste that lipstick on so proudly on our lips didn't care a bout if we were following the outline or not. But we looked great doing it. Funny how we have mastered the skills of having the perfectly outlined eyebrow arch, lipstick outline seamless to perfection. As we head out to town with our friends, showcasing our highlighted skin shimmered to the reflection of the night light. Boy how have times changes living life having fun with so many different shades of palettes to match every outfit and every occasion. Soon we would have our own children sneaking into our rooms and playing dress up wearing our heels and putting on makeup. As we go from generation to generation we see how, just the simplest things that brings us back to our childhood memories.

What a beautiful way to create those lasting memories with Deux Marie Cosmetics (Love the skin you're in)

#vegancosmetics #familyown #veganskincare #ecofriendly #organic #crueltyfree #parabenfree

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