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Deux Marie Skin Care Challenge

Our skincare challenge started about two weeks ago. Deux Marie Skincare embarked on our first skincare challenge. Participants in this challenge submitted there before pics, listing what problems they may have with there skin currently, from acne to dryness. They were then selected to begin our 30 day skincare challenge using our products for there targeted skin type that focused not just on there concerns they have with there skin but the ultimate goal of having clear, glowing, hydrated skin.

Every participant received full sized products from our Skincare collection for free, yes you heard right FOR FREE, which also included shipping and handling (that was also covered by Deux Marie Skincare).

Not to toot our own horn but once you start using our products you would definitely feel and see the difference from day one, within the first 7 days you would see a huge difference once you follow our daily use of each product. Our products are for all skin type and anyone can use them from pre-teens to the young at heart.

We have so many pride and joy with our skincare collection. We love them all, one of our new favorites are both cleansers our daily cucumber cleanser and our liquid gold. These two new addition would leave your skin feeling so refresh, soft and the compliments that follows would leave anyone blushing. So lets make skincare fun and just love the skin you are in with Deux Marie Skincare.